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Henderson Nevada Police Officers Beat Man in Diabetic Shock

Another BRUTAL police beating video has surfaced from Henderson, Nevada showing police officers brutally beating, kicking, punching and attacking an helpless man in diabetic shock. The police officers in this video are PIGS and FUCKING CRIMINALS. They belong in jail for brutally attacking an innocent man in dire need of medical help. If anyone has the names of the Henderson Nevada police officers in this police beating video leave them in comments. The police officers in this video are COWARDS that belong in jail.

Melbourne FL Police Officer Derek Middendorf Attacks and Beats Elderly Man

Melbourne Florida Police Officer Derek Middendorf attacks and beats elderly man for absolutely NO reason. Derek drop kicked the innocent elderly man then proceeded to punch and kick the man before other police officers arrived. To make matters worse the fucking asshole pig Derek Middendorf then DELETED dashcam video to cover-up his violent attack. Thankfully technicians were able to recover the video. Office Derek Middendorf is a fucking CRIMINAL with a badge that belongs in general population JAIL!

Los Angeles Cops Shoot Man 10 Times, Killing Him

In another disturbing police beating videos that led to a mans death and will have police critics screaming of excessive force Los Angeles cops shoot a man 10 times point blank killing him. Smashing windows at Carl’s Jr with a metal bar Los Angeles cops showed up and were too pussy to coral him so 2 cops opened fire point blank shooting the man 10 times and killing him. Cop in police beating videos like this belong IN PRISON!

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Maggot Atlanta Cop Punches Woman

The police beating video above shows an off-duty Atlanta police officer violently attacking a woman in a Bucktown IHOP.  The video clearly shows the woman was attacked first by the officer with an open hand slap before she defended herself from the fascist Atlanta police officer with a serious of swings that never connected.  The maggot Atlanta police officer responded with a full blown punch to the woman’s head!

The Atlanta Police Department has a long history of violent police beatings.  Seems somethings never change.

Louisiana Police Beating – Choke Man to Death – DISTURBING

Worlds simply cannot explain what you are about to see. This really isn’t a police beating video as it is a police murder video! The police dash cam video shows an Louisiana police officer pull over a white pick-up truck. After the officer gets the suspect out of the truck who refuses to open his hand the police officer attacked! A struggle developed which led to the officer choking the suspect while on top of him. The suspects legs are seen kicking then they go limp. The officers giggle and ask if he is breathing, no fuckheads he is DEAD. This police officer deserves the fucking death penalty.

No matter what the suspect did the police officer had no fucking right to play judge, jury and executioner. I hope this fucken cop gets what he deserves in the slammer. Pucker your ass up ;)

Los Angeles Police Beating Video – Skin Head Officer

In another fucking appalling police beating video from the waste-fucking-land of LA a non-combative suspect is repeatedly punch and elbowed in the face by a bald skin head police officer. Watch this video you can see the other police officer in the picture trying to hold his partner back to much avail. What a fucking joke, I hope these fucking pussy police officers were fired!

Dirty Cop Beating Woman Bloody

First off let me say this police beating video is fucking ridiculous. At the Shreveport, Florida police station a woman is clearly drunk in some type of holding room. The male officer repeatedly tells her to sit her ass down and she refuses. The camera taping the police beating video suddenly went blank only to come back filming the woman lying on the floor full of blood. What a fucking loser police officer that beat this drunk woman in the face, smashing her until she was bloody. I am still wondering why cops have the ability to turn off the cameras as they choose. Police station cameras should be fucking locked up and only accessible by attorneys or something. Fucking degenerate police officers beating woman. Loser

Female Police Officer Beat by Big Man

Most the videos on this police beating videos blog are of police officers abusing their power and beating suspects. But sometimes it’s the police officer getting their ass beat!

This video is for all you feminists out there that think women police officers are just as capable as men. The video shows a woman police officer pulling over a huge black man. The man with multiple warrants fucking snaps and punches the woman police officer numerous times before she can even flinch! Knocked the fuck out she lays there while the suspect speeds away.

FYI: This video is very disturbing, while attacking the woman police officer the attackers son or daughter watched yelling “daddy!” Some people…

Utah Police Officer Brutality Video

In another terrible police beating and brutality video out of the great Mormon State of Utah a police officer rips a man out of his truck slamming his head against the ground. The suspect bleeding and knocked the fuck out lays there helpless! As other officers arrive along with paramedics the police officer who is a cocksucker claims the man fell to the ground on his own. Thank god for dashboard cameras which clearly showed the officer slamming the suspect and his head to the ground. What a fucking asshole!